I chose “You Get What You Get” as my album title because it truly defines me. I am who I am. Every word I sing on this album comes from life as I experienced it, even the three cover songs I chose to record. Whether it was inspired by a friend’s broken, abusive relationship, my own personal struggles in my faith, or how I met my husband. I wrote what I lived; good, bad, or truth that made me question what I stand for. So, you get what you get.

Quite honestly, I never really imagined I would’ve ever recorded an album at all. I have always wanted to, but from a young age, the path I chose never really lined up with this career path. Yes, I performed a ton as I grew up, into my early 20’s, but I never really made music a priority as a career choice. I just always seemed to fall into singing opportunities; I never really had to pursue music. So when I met my husband, Andy, got married, then started a family, I allowed my life to go with the flow of being wife and mom.

I believed who I was as a singer/song writer had long past. Singing on the worship team at church seemed to be the extent of my music career, and I was fine with that.

To my surprise, God gave me the desire to write again, and the opportunity to record this album fell into my lap in my early thirties. To say that I’m thankful for this album, well…there really aren’t any words to describe how grateful I am to have been given another chance at this part of my life. Music has always been my deepest passion, and to have that fire lit again is such a great blessing.

I want people to know who I am and what I stand for. Music tends to speak to people more than any other avenue of communication in life. What better way to communicate my hopes, learned lessons, and encouragements?